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. >>> chuck hagel was nominated because he looked like a man who could change the pentagon. he was attacked relentlessly and ridiculously because of that same apparent independence of mind. today we got to see if he escaped from the senate hazing with his will intact. that's coming up. >>> first, i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today. first, a series of incredible never before seen videotapes released by the shelby county registrar's office in tennessee. the tapes document the man who murdered dr. martin luther king jr., james earl ray. lots of fascinating stuff to sort through here. ray can be seen having his rights being led to him back to memphis, also his arrival at the shelby county jail, where he was searched, examined by a doctor, and placed into a cell. footage has been released to mark the anniversary of king's death, which is tomorrow. find the videos and read more on the shelby county registrar's website. this fascinating, maddening, and hilarious article is the second awesomest thing on the internet today. i just had the good fortune to stumble upon it
't reflect the law? secretary hagel? >> the fy15 budget we'll present earl next year will reflect the reality of whatever the situation is. i don't know if between now and next february if they worked hair on it, both parties, president has. >> that's why we're surprised when it didn't reflect this time around, but happy to hear it reflects the law of the land next time around. you know, last month, the addition of 15 additional intercepters will be deployed to alaska as reaction to the provocations we've had from north korea. this brings the numbers of alaska to the number of originally planned during the bush administration, i believe, later we deuced by president obama. i have a question to you about this. was the russian government consulted or informed that the united states was considering this decision before the decision was made, and if so, when did that occur? >> the answer is not to my knowledge. it was not russian government who was not consulted in any way, and it was not that decision, that policy was not decided based on any consideration of the russian government. incidentally
quickly. i know you read the report i refer to. i ask you share that with secretary hagel, which i'm sure you'll want to look at. i would only ask you consider that because those reasons for my opposition to seven years ago, eight years ago now are probably more true today. when the chairman talked about the missile defense thing, i was very pleased when he made the decision to increase back up to 44. on the west coast. automatic the things happening in north korea. i was over there recently i talked to you from other there, and i realized that this is something that is -- we need tow protect against. i am satisfied. i may not be in the majority up here, i'm satisfied anything coming from north korea or coming from that way, we need to capability to shoot -- i feel comfort we can knock down anything coming. where i probably disagree, jmp general dempsey is the capacity knock one down coming from the east. that's the reason we were building initially at theround base intercepter in oand. now we talk about a thiri se. ancaeseveral we are not the most -- against an iranian threat
. chuck hagel. he says kim jong-un, is skating, in his words, very close to a dangerous line. the communist leader could order a missile test launch at any moment. we're being told that the north koreans are military masters of deception who may have something else up their sleeves, as well. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, is joining us now with the latest. barbara? >> reporter: wolf, military masters of deception, indeed. and new indications that the north koreans may have some other plans up their sleeve. defense secretary chuck hagel's message to kim jong-un and his north korean regime, enough is enough. >> with its bellicose rhetoric, with its actions, have been skating very close to a dangerous line. >> reporter: in the hours before an expected north korean missile test, hagel made clear, the u.s. military is ready to respond. >> our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency, any action, that north korea may take or any provocation. >> reporter: the joint chiefs chairman, offering a grim assessment of how close north korea is to putting a nuclear
that it's a hard job every day of the week. >> defense secretary chuck hagel and joint chiefs of staff's general martin dempsey testified before the senate armed services committee on the defense department 2014 budget request. the pentagon budget request includes almost $527 billion in discretionary spending nearly 1% decrease from 2013. this is three hours and 45 minutes. >> good morning everybody. chuck hagel, general martin dempsey the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, accompanied by the department's comptroller undersecretary bob hailed for her hearing on department of defense fiscal year 2014 budget request and the posture of the u.s. armed forces we welcome secretary hagel on his first appearance as secretary of defense before this committee. we thank all of our witnesses for their service to our nation and to the soldiers sailors airmen and marines at home and in harm's way. we could never say that enough. your testimony today is a key component of the committees review of the fy2014 budget request for the department of defense. this year's request includes $526.6 billion
the national guard and reserve. i appreciate your response earlier, secretary hagel but i would like to turn to general dempsey and drill down deep are. we understand how important the reserve has been in the missions they have been on. we understand how important they are for domestic responses, tornadoes, earthquakes, all the rest. if you could, general, talk about little more about the coming years and how you see active duty versus reserve components and to keep those reserve folks in the event -- i assume we're going look at them as an operational force. how does that play out moving forward? >> hopefully, it won't be active versus reserve. >> we have a concern about that with respect of the air national guard. >> i keep it in mind -- i absolutely have it in mind. the idea here is we take a look at the total force. i really believe in the total force. we determine which capables have to be immediate available and those that have to be in the active component. those that can wait, we migrate those elsewhere. the chief's and general grass, the chief of the national guard -- burrow, if we
. now with korea's latest a. they've reversed that. secretary hagel said no, we are going to move forward and put those missiles in the silos in alaska. i was happy to see that. i think we should have been moving forward on that back in 2009. one of the things that bothers me about all this is the president has more knowledge than any of us. and i think he knows what a crucial state we're in. not just korea. that's the one that's on the front page right now. but iran hasn't stopped. they keep talking and keep moving. the whole middle east. china is increasing their defense spending. we've got very -- i mean, syria, you know, these are things that are happening all around the world, and yet, the president sent us up a budget yesterday that cuts 100 -- well there, are different numbers. the number the secretary used, $150 billion more out of defense over the next nine years. and i think that at some point, we need to be very careful. what is the breaking point? when are we taking too much risk? and you know, his emphasis on changing -- and this is why i asked about strategy, because
that briefing, it to me that was the most important thing to come out with. i heard secretary chuck hagel was there and i said i would like to visit with him. this is schedules are all plans. he came the next day and we had a good discussion. i do not know how we change the scheduled to make it work out. he did. we were in total agreement on that. he is going to be with karzai the next day. i think general done for it is that still have that right now. i think they are a good team. all of the chips are in place to make it happen. how are we proceeding on this agreement? the president had talked to karzai the day before and told him we need to get this done now. i am saying get it done this spring. did not wait. i saw what happened and how it fell apart in iraq. the downside, what we would lose, it would be tragic. real positive things. we have made really good gains there. we hear of the tragedies of a suicide bomber. the blue one up as we arrived at headquarters. positives as a agreement. they can provide enough security. the tal bang cannot beat -- taliban cannot be the afghans. they do
into his home in oakland last year. >>> new this morning defense secretary chuck hagel is in egypt meeting with the country's leaders. this is video of hagel meeting with israeli prime minister yesterday. in his talks with egyptian leaders today hagel will try to preserve u.s. influence in egypt as the country struggles with its transition to democracy. >>> more mosquito fogging is planned this morning in contra costa county. areas along taylor road and on holland track road will be treated with insecticide. yesterday's fogging had to be called off because of high winds. crews will try again in 15 minutes. >>> the boundaries for yosemite national park can be expanding. if the bill passes, more than 1500-acres of undeveloped land would be added to the park. spokesperson says the bill has broad bipartisan support but an identical proposal was turned down by the house of representatives last year. >>> 4:48 is the time. back over to sal who is starting in san francisco. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good there, pam. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split and no major problems here. we
in question is a lethal nerve agent. hagel did not say where or when it was used, but he made it clear that the blame lies with assad. >> our coverage begins with this report. >> are arriving in abu dhabi, the u.s. defense secretary said washington believes the assad regime has used chemical weapons but admitted there was some uncertainty. >> the white house delivered a letter to several members of congress on the topic of chemical weapons use in syria. the letter states that the u.s. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin. the united states has an obligation to fully investigate, including evidence of chemical weapons used in syria. over the past week, i have travelled, as you all know, to five countries in the middle east, all of whom have expressed concern about the deteriorating situation in syria. >> on tuesday, israeli intelligence accused syria of using nerve gas several times, including on march 19, as seen here on syrian state tv. th
's the assessment of the north korea threats. from u-s defense secretary chuck hagel. south korean officials now say, the north has finished preparations for a test launch. the missile in question is an untested weapon. it is believed it could reach as far as guam - which is home to u-s naval and air bases. secretary hagel said today, north korea is quote - 'skating very close' to a dangerous line. and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> toy maker mattel is rolling out a new line of culturally- diverse barbie dolls. but the first doll is already causing controversy. mattel's mexico barbie is dressed in a festive "fiesta" dress, with a pet chihuahua and a passport. the doll makers say, all of the dolls have a passport and have a pet friend. the company website says, the doll is meant to teach girls about the culture, traditions, and ancestral dress of mexico. but critics say, the entire line of doll. encourages ou
providing a few surprises. >> defense secretary chuck hagel makes a major move to change the way the pentagon prosecutes sex assaults within its ranks. why are victims' advocates still so upset? >> a new web strategy to woo the young ones. 13 animals were really bummed about the third anniversary of obamacare. >> i'm toure. when i found out we're doing a segment on success, i said i have expertise on that. and then the producers said some other guy, the heist rated professor at wharton, whatever that is. >> another busy day on capitol hill with immigration, guns, and the budget again dominating discussions. the senate is pushing ahead on gun control, debating a bill expanding background checks. survive the first of what will be many votes over the coming weeks. of course, this is proving to be a deeply emotionally charged debate in the wake of the newtown tragedy. those emotions came out today from vice president joe biden during an exclusive morning joe roundtable. >> it's 118 days or thereabouts with sandy hook. 3,000 people killed on the streets with a gun since then. 3,200. t
. defense secretary chug hagel is taking pyongyang seriously. >> as they have ratcheted up the beliicose dangerous rhetoric and the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allice starting with south korea. >> hagel told the military audience that the u.s. is trying to defuse thuation with china and others . the pentagon is dealing with spending cuts starting this year. >> the sequester cut because it falls heavily on operations. it is already having a disruptive and potentially damaging impact on the force. >> it could affect moral and impact productivity and the defense is addressing the cuts, hagel said it is just the beginning. >> fiscal realities demand another hard look at personnel . how many people we have military and civilian . how many do we need. what do these people do. >> today pyongyang barred south korea workers to cross the border . so the south koreans had no choice but to return home. the worst thing the u.s. could do to regimes like north korea is project weakness. >> this tells us that
like a very important arm package. on the face of it going through the list of things that chuck hagel is bringing with him in this bundle dale. some of the things that they would like is to get their hands on. to give the natch cal strike against iran's nuclear facility. refueling plains but of course maybe their long rain air strike that much more potent. person y crab would make the retrieval much easier. so clearly as defense secretary chuck hagel said, the defense message is designed to the military option is very much on the table. chuck hagel was talking to defense reporters traveling with him over night to israel. he briefed them. he said there's know differences between the u.s. and opposition. both countries are in their lock step. he did except -- there was some difference in the timing of when the iranians crossed back. and clearly that will be the certain of their discussions with the prime minister to the key figures he's meeting. some convergence. some of the rhetoric that you think from hagel all night long sucting that the -- and it's if equipment and for the tougheni
. >> a day after shrugging off european claimless of chemical weapons used. defense secretary chuck hagel said the u.s. has evidence. >> the u.s. intelligence community assesses varying confidence that the syrian regime used chemical weapons in syrialy chemical agent saron. >> lawmakers who are pushing president obama to be more active in the syrian war said we should take steps. >> provide a safe area for the opposition to operate and establish a no fly zone and provide weapons to the people in the resistance that we trust. >> obama fortunatelies say syrian air defense would make a difficult no fly zone and concerned that the u.s. weapons would find in the hands of the extremist. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around and utilized. i have made clear that use of chemical weapons is a game changer. >> given the experience in iraq, it is essential we establish that bashar assad used them. senator mccain is suspicious. i wor that the president is using it as an expense. >> and assad refuse tod allow access to experts. lawmakers suggest that sy
new warning from north korea today. chuck hagel says kim jong-un is skating close to a dangerous line. the communist leader could order a missile test launch at any moment. we're being told the north koreans are military masters of deception who may have something else up their sleeves as well. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us now with the latest. barbara? >> well, wolf, military masters of deception in deed. and new indications that the north koreans may have some other plans up their sleeve. defense secretary chuck hagel's message to kim jong-u.n. and his north korean regime? enough is enough. >> with its rhetoric, with its actions, have been skating very close to a dangerous line. >> in the hours before an expected north korean missile test. hagel made clear the u.s. military is ready to respond. >> our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency, any action that north korea may take or any provocation. >> the joint chiefs chairman offering a grim assessment of how close north korea is to putting a nuclear warhead on a missile. a direct threat to th
are also breaking news on syria. chuck hagel says u.s. officials believe the syrian government has used chemicals in the battle to sustain power. he did not say exactly who was targeted but did detail the type of chemical agent, sarin gas, take a listen. >> this morning the white house delivered a letter to several members of congress on the topic of chemical weapons use in syri syria. ed -- the letter will be to you shortly. assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> we're joined on the phone by senator lindsey graham -- actually by remote. senator graham, first of all your comments on chuck hagel. >> yeah, i was one of the senators on the letter. well, it's a red line that's been crossed. it's clearly an indication and admission by the administration that sarin gas was used by the assad regime and the president said that would be a red line. so the question is what's next? >> what do you think should happen next? >> i think the international community should rally
, the the defense secretary chuck hagel holds a news conference with the japanese counterpart. >> former president bill clinton spoke monday at an event marking the 20th anniversary of the holocaust museum in washington d.c. this is just over an hour. [indiscernible crowd conversations] [indiscernible crowd conversations] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome today's honored hocaust museum.r odict the tom bernstein, chair of the holocaust museum. lisa zaid, a granddaughter of four holocaust survivors. world war ii veteran scottie. the founding chairman of the united states holocaust memorial museum. [applause] and president bill clinton, founder of the clinton foundation and 42nd president of the united states. please rise for the army flags. ♪ >> the second infantry division and 82nd airborne division. the fourth infantry division and. the eighth infantry division 14th armored division. the 26th infantry division and 12th armored division. the 29th infantry division and 11th armored division. the 30th infantry division and 10th armored division. the 36th infantry division and ninth armored di
of you for service to our country, secretary hagel, i have three questions. with possible delays in the f-35 procurement, do you believe the navy and the air force have budgeted sufficient funds to maintain the necessary strike fighter inventory meet national military strategy requirements? >> yes, i do. with regard to the national guard, in your opinion, given the current budget atmosphere in, can we tone to resource and equip the national guard reserve component as an operational force or do you feel like you'll have to revert back to the strategic reserve model? >> well, i would an it, i think the national guard and reserves are key components of our military force structure, and will continue to be. i think that has become quite obvious the last few years. and without going into a long oration of this -- and marty dempsey can handle it, dehas more depth than i can -- i don't think we can have the projected force structure counting on the assets we have and adequately managing those assets, without a strong national guard and reserves. if for no other reason than the professionalizati
>> this is an example of what chuck hagel was talking about in his speech today, if you just tally up one year's worth of cost overruns for the 96 most important defense programs, in one year, that's $74 billion. which, if that was its own country, would be the third largest defense budget in the world, more than russia spends. >> sue terry, spencer ackerman, mattie duppler, that is "all in" for this evening. rachel, sorry i'm throwing it to you late, but i know how much you love defense overruns. >> if you're going to be five seconds late because we have to learn that our cost overruns alone are the third largest defense budget in the world and we learn it from spencer, i'm with you. >> awesome. >> thank you, awesome. thanks to you at home, as well, for staying with us this hour. the president of the united states, flying about the country and making public appearances, that is always kind of the fulcrum around which the rest of the day's political news tilts. that was largely true today with the president in colorado and then heading to california. but there was also big substant
for security hallenges today. >> secretary chuck hagel yesterday while most of this morning's "washington journal" will be devoted to looking at north korea. we want to start off a little more broadly and get your views on the role of the u.s. military worldwide. here is the "new york times" article reporting on defense cretary hagel's speech yesterday. budget con strants forcing an overhaul in military operations, hagel says. facing inevitable steep cuts in military spending even as globalt threats remain high. said wednesday that he is being forced to consider fundamental changes in how the pentagon defends american interests and conducts its daily business. in his first major address as secretary -- addressing an audience, mr. hagel offered no specific cancellations, trims or shifts in pentagon spending accounts, >> host: again, role of the u.s. military worldwide is our topic this morning. here's a little bit more from defense secretary hagel. >> in a decade where our country has grown we'rey of war and skeptical of foreign entanglements, questions arise about the merits of america's
explore two of those. base closure and personnel costs. on the tricare. secretary hagel mentioned in his opening remark, they are put in place, the average servicemembers bank 27%, it's now down to 11. there is plenty of room certainly over the course of the next 10 years in both of those areas to find savings. i guess my question is, if we find savings in those areas, isn't it true that that doesn't really affect the plan? general dempsey, you've been very good about saying if you going to give us less money, tell us what less you want us to do. here's the strategy you can map to a. with our cuts. we've seen dramatic improvements in some of our acquisition programs as a result of some of your initiatives. so i personally think that if you look at our budget and say not one more penny should come out of defense is dead wrong. just as a matter of efficiency. forgetting for the moment the fact that the deficit that is eating us alive come with a massive deficit to infrastructure in this country, that the applications for tax and on and on, clearly money can be cut out of defense budget ove
president obama and chuck hagel her doing the right thing, saying we have the capability of fighting back. they are sending a signal asing, we have your back, well as to japan, to north korean saying, do not even think about attacking us, because it will result in regime change. finally to say, we are prepared to defend our own interest. be we want to apply the solution wemon but we have milt -- want a solution. >> the terrible stories of suffering in syria have become too familiar. perhaps nothing is more heart wrenching than tales of children caught in the conflict. you the story.g caroline has been with doctors treating young patients in northern jordan. >> the 9-year-old is on a winning streak. she has just beaten her cousin again. she wants to console her for all she has lost. late last year, sending out a tree outside her home, she was hit in the stomach by a sniper's bullet. it fractured her spine. she tells us she misses playing hide and seek. of becoming a her goal from now is to get 1 foot in front of the other. it is hard to watch the effort it takes. she
and outlines the american response. chuck hagel has been on the job for just over a month but during that time the u.s. defense secretary has heard daily propagations. they will warn u.s. targets and those of their allies and they've done so again. >> some of the actions they have taken these last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they will deploy a missile defense system to guam. they need to increase defenses against a possible attack. state media broadcast soon after hagel spoke. they would inform the u.s. government they had approved a possible nuclear strike. america's hostile policy would be smashed. >>> residents of singapore are noticing another sign in the region. the visit highlights president obama's decision to focus more on the asia pacific. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier has been docked at singapore since monday. the ship is on its way back to the west coast of the u.s. following a five-month mission in the middle east. the attendees were allowed on to the deck of the 330 meter long s
look," real and clear danger. secretary hagel has new threats. they are ready to launch a new attack. connecticut lawmakers approve tough new gun control measures and the governor will sign them into law at noon. >>> new technology is helping moms bond with their babies. alzheimers costs more to treat than cancer. >>> queen elizabeth gets a multimillion dollar pay raise. >>> hours ago, connecticut state legislature passed the toughest gun control legislation in the country. it cleared the house after hours of what was respectful and somber debate. earlier, they approved the sweeping bill. requires background checks for all firearms sales and bans the sale or purchase of magazines. the bill goes to governor dannel malloy. north korea is ramping up saying their military is cleared to attack the u.s. using smaller lighter weapons. it's responded by deploying a missile system to guatemalan. jim is in south korea. jim, it appears the situation is escalated day-to-day. >> you are right. in that message, clearly meant for u.s. consumption, they spoke of deploying what they are calling mobil
.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says he's heard more and more dangerous rhetoric from north korea and he hopes the leadership there will turn the volume down. the north koreans have stated they will attack u.s. targets and those of its allies. >> they have nuclear capacity now. they have missile delivery capacity now. and some of the actions they've taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interests, certainly, of our allies. >> commanders at the pentagon say they'll deploy a missile defense system to the u.s. specific territory of guam. they say they need to increase their defenses against a possible attack. state media in north korea broadcast another threat soon after hagel spoke. a spokesperson for north korea's army said they would inform the u.s. government that they have a possible nuclear strike. the statement said america's hostile policy would be smashed. >>> experts on security studies and international relations say the u.s. don't think the north korean leaders will go to war. here's from the national defense academy of japan. >> the uni
, that was secretary hagel on the war-like rhetoric and actions of north korea. those comments were made before the north korean army announced it was authorized to attack the united states. >> we will cope with the u.s. nuclear threat with a merciless nuclear attack and face the infiltration with a justified war. this is our military and people's unchangeable stance. the u.s. and followers should clearly know that everything is different in the era of respected kim jong-un. >> paul: those really are fighting words, but how serious a threat is it? let's ask wall street journal columnist and deputy editor dan henninging, matt comiskey and kim strassel. are we on the brink of war or it's a bluff? >> it's happened before and they've done the kind of threats. the thing about north korea, we don't know. we don't know much about who is running north korea, a new, 28, 29, 30-year-old leader in kim jong-un. >> paul: we don't know how old he is. >> exactly. and is he controlled by the generals. is he doing this to establish his own legitimacy? we have the questions and there's a danger will north korea
they are now looking for two suspects. >>> secretary of defense chuck hagel arrived in israel on sunday for a week-long visit to the middle east. speaking in jerusalem, the secretary said the u.s. agenda is focused on deterring iran and hagel also reiterated what he called the very special relationship between the united states and israel. >>> less than a week after the boston marathon bombings, a chicago teenager has been picked up for attempting to join a syrian jihadist military group. the fbi arrested 18-year-old abdella ahmad tounisi on charges of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. >>> five people were killed in arizona over the weekend when their van flipped while being chased by border control agents. 22 people were in the suv at the time of the crash. >>> the search continues for survivors of last week's devastating earthquake in china. the government has so far confirmed more than 150 deaths and some 11,000 injured. >>> engines start. liftoff for the mission to mars. >> cool stuff. it was a successful launch sunday for a new rocket carry
that will strengthen israel's military edge in the middle east. chuck hagel says a package will include transport aircraft and an advanced radar system. he met with the his israeli counterpart. he said israel will buy the b22 osprey plane. israel will also buy an aerial refueling jet. the aircraft would make it easier to conduct long distance raids on iran. israeli leaders have threatened military action to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. hagel said there's still time for can diplomacy and sanctions. but the arms sale will increase israel's long-range capabilities. he's already enacted the first two. now he's focusing on the third. we are joined from the business desk. gross strategy, doesn't sound like an easy task considering the state of japan's finances. >> japan has massive debt. when talking about growth the question is raise what had is the government going to do with the money that it owes. they will first work on the primary balance. as they aim to turn its primary balance deficit into a surplus by 2020, prime minister abe has ordered them to come up with a clear road map to t
. but government forces may have been using them against rebels. defense secretary geoff hagel -- chuck hagel says that the information may not be complete. they have been padding areas neither capital with more conventional weapons. this is reportedly the district where rebels have been fighting against people from the neighboring area global to the side. toneighboring area low oil assad. they cannot say for sure that chemical weapons are being used. what are their opens at the state -- what are their options at this stage? >> the use has agreed to this conclusion with some confidence. that means there is some doubt. what is interesting that, for now, the u.s. is taking a very cautious stand, trying to evident -- trying to verify this evidence. they want to consult with their allies before they take any action. however, the tension is mounting. we just heard from the deputy israeli foreign minister who has asked to take control of the desk of syria's -- of syria's chemical weapons arsenal. -- tensions are rising and the words are big, but so far, no action is promise. the beginningng of a confirm
appointed john kerry and chuck hagel. very smart move. you will point to the only two people in the united states who look even more tired than you. it's a great strategy. mr. president, you're going to leave office as a young man and, yet, the presidency has take aen its toll. i don't want to alarm you, sir, but you're starting to look like a judge on "law & order." seriously, mr. president, your hair is so white, it could be a member of your cabinet. he can handle it. speaking of the cabinet, the president recently picked his new treasury secretary. gives me great to say it's not l him, it's me. the president is the coolest guy in the room. that's what everybody says. he's the coolest guy in the room. here is my question, who else is in that room? not hard to be the cool one when the other guys in the room are biden, hagel and kerry. i would be cool, too, showing how to do the harlem shake. now i made some jokes about the president this evening and i'm looking forward to my audit. it's coming. i know, sir. it's coming. but i would like to take a moment here and change gears and say somet
in the neighborhood in the 6:00 hour. >>> the defense secretary chuck hagel said that north korea's nuclear threats present a real and clear danger. kim jong un is vowing to build a nuclear weapon. some analysts call the threats empty, but speaking at an national defense university today, chuck hagel said he wasn't willing to take that chance. >> it only takes being wrong once, and i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. >> north korea has threatened to launch attacks against the united states. the u.s. has sent fighter jets and warships to the korean peninsula. >>> children from around the nation will dine with first lady michelle obama at the white house this summer. they'll be sampling original issues at the second annual kids state dinner. it has a prize and contest to promote healthy eating. the first lady's healthy lunchtime challenge is asking kids from eight to twelve, and their parents, to create nutrition lunch recipes that represent each food group. if they have a winning recipe, they get lunch with the first lady.
's missile capables. chuck hagel said neither are capable of attacking the united states with a nuclear missile. . >> this country is capable of dealing with any threat, any action by any country, including iran or north korea. >> chuck hagel did not rule out either country could eventually acquire a long range missile that could reach the united states. >>> the man accused of threatening to kill leyland lee was arrested in february and held without bail. ktvu channel 2 news the district attorney -- the district attorney told us a continuation of the hearing will be rescheduled. he threatened him because he was angry about his gun control legislation. . >>> teenager will stand trial for the killing of a one-year- old. then 16-year-old frederick coleman was part of a shoot out and fired the bullet that killed hiram lawrence, jr. yesterday a judge ruled there was enough evidence to go to trial. it happened while he was filming a music video that disrepresented a gang and they were try -- disrespected a gang and they were trying to get revenge. >>> ch
that chemical weapons would be a game-changer. chuck hagel made the announcement this afternoon. >> the u.s. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the sirrian regime has used chemical weapons in a small scale. >> some degree of varying confidence. it's a anybody gas more deadly than cyanide. victims die from painful convulsions. the white house sent this letter to some membered of congress: given the stakes involved and what we learn from our own recent experience, intelligence assessments alone are not sufficient. so it's not confirmed just yet, but if more evidence proofs it true, secretary hagel says the pentagon is ready to give options. we have been given some ideas what some of the possibilities are. >> well, not necessarily the options, shepard. the secretary of state kerry told lawmakers in a closed session that evidence points to syria using chemical weapons a couple of times. about 20 people dead. the u.s. has been pushing the united nations to investigate for the past month, and assad has refused access to she sight. experts tell us the sma
decade. >>> north korea is skating close to a truss line. exact words from defense secretary chuck hagel today. hagel said north korea is unpredictable, especially its new young leader, forcing the u.s. to prepare for any possible threat. there are reports north korea could launch a missile any day now. secretary hagel reassured americans the u.s. is ready and prepared to protect this country and its allies. we want to know, what is your level of concern over north korea's nuclear threats? vote by texting or calling us at 408-300-9222. 1 for high, 2 for moderate, 3 for not concerned at all. tweet us @nbcbayarea. results coming up at 6:00. >>> in "health matters," hpv is known for mostly causing cervical cancer. new information links it to lung cancer. researchers at fox chase cancer center in philadelphia examined tissue samples from lung cancer patients. a small amount had evidence that the cancer was fuelled by a strain of the human pap loma virus, phv. certain strains of hpv are linked to head and neck cancers. new findings could target treatments for lung tumors. >>> pfizer has been
secretary chuck hagel had a message to kim jung un and his north korean regime today -- enough is enough. in the hours before an expected north korean missile test. hagel made clear, the united states military is ready to respond. >> "our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency, any action that north korea may take or any provocation." >> pam: u.s intelligence indicates. in the last few days, the regime may have moved several short- range missile launchers around the country. that's on top of the two inter- mediate range mobile missiles it parked along its east coast. the u-s worries "multiple missile launches" are the first of more provocative actions by north korea. hagel says, the bottom line right now. kim jung un is so unpredictable. the u-s has no choice but to prepare for whatever might come. >>pam: developing news out of georgia tonight. a gunman who took four firefighters hostage for hours. is dead. this all happened inside a home near atlanta. police say, the suspect was shot after a swat team stormed the house after setting off a smoke bomb. authorities say, fir
, secretary of defense hague nel hagel in israel, suggesting a $10 million arms deal. also, something for everyone. hagel said this visit cairo, and riyadh and abu dhabi and united arab emirates with the fighter jets, we do not want to leave anyone out in middle east. >> this reveals about this obama administration is contrary to their public record, this is and hagel makes this argument this is a deterrents arm sales package in his view, against iran this is a concession this obama administration is not going to do anything ni military bircmilitaryabout the iranian nn program. >> santa clause is coming to town but dio john is right, we'e contain it. lou: overtime, secretary of state kery in istanbul, saying all of the entities all 6 nations involved in the talks will funnel their money through one rebel group in syria, right or wrong? >> a bad choice, bad idea to fund the rebel groups. >> there are houses of rebel groups, who are you going to fund, bad idea. lou: john thank you, and kt thank you. >> much more on the boston bombings flew out tonight's broadcast and what what early inv
. >> a short time ago, syria has used chemical weapons. here is the sound just in where mr. hagel is today, coordinating with them regarding iran. >> u.s. entell jeintelligence c assesses that the syrian regime has used the chemical agent. >> the markets? right now they are on the up side by about 71 points. we have crude up almost a full%. >> which makes it very complicated for the president and for the administration, does it not? >> exactly right, sue. and those high stakes that the president himself has laid out are why the administration is being very clideliberate about . they took their time before hagel made his comments and now they want to investigate the chain of custody of that gas before it was used to try to make sure with absolute rock solid certainty that the regime is responsible and that this is, in fact, what occurred. and the reason they want to be careful is everybody is mindful what happened in iran with iraq and the weapons of mass destruction in iraq. and the president set the bar very high for what would happen, if, in fact, we could prove that syria had used chemi
missile defense systems to the area as defense secretary chuck hagel admits the rogue nation presents, quote, a real and clear danger to america. we'll have the very latest and the fallout to your investments. >> in the meantime, reaction to all this and more from former treasury secretary, paul o'neil, will be joining us, exclusively. you do not want to miss his unique insight into all of these events, coming up a little bit later here on the "closing bell." looking forward to see him. >> let's check where we stand right now as we approach this final stretch. off of the lows, still in double digit decline. down about two-thirds of 1%. pulling back from that record high reached yesterday, on the dow and the s&p. technology, one of the leadership groups on the downside, 3223, last trade there. and the s&p 500 sits at 1526 with a decline of 14 points or so. >> one key sector that's been leading the rally this year so far, the transportation sector. that gave the bulls great comfort. but the index is down for the third straight day and it's now with today's decline below its 50-day movin
hagel, who gave the first big policy speech of his time in office. chuck hagel talked about the military being an essential tool of american power, but one that must only be used with a keen appreciation of its limits. that kind of talk drives nuts all the hawks who want wars everywhere. prepare for a neocon melt down about this speech in three, two, one -- >>> also today in afghanistan, a taliban attack on mostly civilians in the western part of the country had a huge death toll. at least 53 people killed. remarkably, that is a death toll that was not achieved thanks to some individual, huge bomb blast. it wasn't one giant explosion that they killed 53 people with. they killed 53 people in a raid, just with guns. a stunning toll in that taliban attack today in western afghanistan in a province that borders iran. >>> domestic politics here at home today, president obama announced he will give back 5% of his own presidential salary, give back 5% of his salary for the rest of the year in solidarity with the other people who are being laid off in the government and furloughed because of the
joined defense secretary chuck hagel and a handful of congress members in giving back 5% of his salary. a gesture of solidarity with furloughed government workers. joining me is kurt anderson. lee gallagher, vice president of dimos, heather mcgee and political editor at the "huffington post," sam stein. you guys have been doing a great job chronicling the reality of the sequester cuts, what it seems to me is here we have a case of the two americas, the legislating class, and actual americans. and the fact that sort of congress seems to be in its own bubble regarding the pain of the sequester cuts, republicans especially in so far as they're declaring victory on this, when in reality there's a serious toll that the squekter is taking. >> there's a national story and a bunch of local stories. for the first couple of weeks, the national story was sort of obsessed with whether or not there was going tore tours in the building behind me. whether the easter egg roll was going to be continue as well. and why those lengthy lines at the airport that the white house warned about never materializ
he's still here. andrea? >> thank you very much. adrienne mong in dagestan. >>> chuck hagel says that syria has used chemical weapons. will that force the president to take action? senate foreign relations bob corker joins us next. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. >>> major news today on the subject of chemical weapons used in syria. responding to letter today, from a bipartisan group of senators requesting answers on this murky question of whether the assad regime has used chemicals, according to the new assessment by the white house, on two incidents they did or someone did. there is a concern about the chain of custody of these weapons, but principally, it was sarin gas, according to the defense s
our defense secretary chuck hagel now just announced that the united states and our intelligence services can confirm that there is some evidence of chemical weapons use in syria. there are still some questions about the chemical weapons, what type exactly, how much used, who exactly used it. there's been claims on either side in this conflict in syria about either side using chemical weapons. we also just received a briefing from senator mccain that said senator mccain received a letter from the white house with the president also describing some use of chemical weapons in syria. this important. as we get more information about this news, is this the red line that has been crossed by the bashar al-assad regime that would elicit more response from us, the united states. that is the big question that overhangs these remarks. as we get more information we'll bring that to you. jon: fox news alert we'll take you now to the campus of southern methodist university in dallas, texas, where the u.s. army chorus is performing "america the beautiful" at the dedication of the george w. bush
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